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The Polar Bear Electric Heated Hose

patent pending
Made in the USA!

Only $224.99 ea.


The Polar Bear Electric heated hose

For those who winter or travel to colder climates in their RVs and motor homes and want hassle free running water, we introduce "The Polar Bear Electric Heated Hose." Our professionally manufactured hose will keep your water from freezing inside the hose during those extra cold nights.

There's no more need to "Jerry-Rig" a hose with a heat wrap, insulation, and aluminum foil contraption...

No More Freeze-Ups!

Our use of high quality materials and meticulous construction techniques produces the most reliable heated hose for RV users on the market today.

No more worries about heat tape and leaks or heat wrap melting your hose.

No more worries, period!

You'll thank us in the morning!

The Polar Bear electric heated hose installs easily, just like any regular hose.

Our hose is rugged and weather worthy. It attaches in seconds, and stores easily.

The Polar Bear Electric Heated Hose is safe and reliable! At 12 feet long, it has plenty of length to reach the campground faucet.

  • Just plug it in and fresh water will be available to you all night long!
  • Don't bother with heat tape contraptions ever again!
  • Plus it is lightweight for easy handling and storage!
  • Weighs only 6 lbs!

The Polar Bear Electric Heated Hose Specifications

Nexbraid Reinforced Clear PVC Hose

Description: Flexible, see through clear hose with braid pattern reinforcement.

Tube & Cover: Flexible Clear PVC with transparent blue tint.
Reinforcement: 2 polyester spirals.

Temp Range: +25°F to 150°F / -5°C to +65°C

Applications: Air and water hose, beverage dispensing, potable water, light vacuum, air breathing supply pneumatics, powdered food transfer, flexible conduit and harness.

Ratings: FDA ingredients. NSF 51 Certified to 100°F (38°C). USP Class VI rated.

Foam Insulation
GO 43 NITRILE PVC closed cell foam

Density: 13LB +/- 1.5 LB
Inside Diameter: 1.125" +.040" - .080"
Wall: .300" +/- .040"
Outside Diameter: 1.75" +.080" - .160"
Color: Black

Male and Female Hose Fittings

Standard 3⁄4 inch Male and Female Garden Hose (with washer) fittings.

GMIS Protective Hose Covering
The unique woven nylon sleeve is ideal for use as a protective covering. The rugged and durable woven nylon construction offers unmatched levels of cut and abrasion resistance. With superior wear protection, hose life is greatly extended. The sleeve withstands temperatures of up to 275°F (135°C) and fully passes flammability tests. Extreme cold temperatures will not affect the sleeve – no stiffening of the material.

Raychem Gardian
Gardian preassembled electric heating cables are intended for installation on metal or plastic water pipes for freeze protection in residential and commercial applications. UL Listed 60J9 Residential and Mobile Home Pipe Heating Cables and 718K Pipe Heating Cables.

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