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Rock Cleaner Attachment
Attaches to the Simple Siphon™ pump for the purpose of cleaning fish tanks.


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Only $10.95 ea.

Simple Siphon™ 3-Pack

No Hoses
Attach to any 1/2" hose or tube.

Only $12.95 ea.

Garden Hose Connector
Attaches the Simple Siphon™ hose to a regular garden hose for added length.

Only $1.50 ea.

10" Extension

10"(inch) extensions attach to the Dynamic Duo fish tank cleaner, completely covering the pump, adding rigidity and ease of reaching the rocks in deeper tanks

Only $4.95 ea.

' The Big Gulp '

Siphon - Big Gulp

Siphons over 10 Gallons per minute!

Attaches to a 1" Dia. Hose

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Only $6.95 ea.