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See the Dynamic Duo in Action!

See the Dynamic Duo in Action!
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The Dynamic Duo

Meant to be paired exclusively with the Simple Siphon™ the all-new Aquarium Rock Cleaner attachment will soon become your best friend. Together, they're SUPER and they're the Dynamic Duo! When it's time to clean your fish tank, all that you have to do is attach the Rock Cleaner to your pre-existing Simple Siphon™. Simply push it into the little rubber tube, give a twist, and presto-- you're ready to clean!! Submerge the clear tube about halfway into your aquatic habitat, shake it vigorously and watch in wonder as the water begins to flow downward removing fish debris and waste. Begin to scoop the rocks up into the tube (about 3 inches) and let them tumble before gently shaking the tube to release the rocks back into the tank. That's it! You won't believe how easy it is to use!!

If you're worried about your deeper tank or saltwater aquarium, have no fear!!

Please Note:The Dynamic Duo is not to be compared to any other fish tank cleaner on the market! The powerful suction action of the Simple Siphon™ alone or with the "Rock Cleaner" attachment makes the Dynamic Duo unique and super!!!