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The Simple Siphon™ Starter Pack

You will receive a Three Pack of Simple Siphon™ pumps, the Simple Siphon™ with hose, and a Garden Hose Connector!

Only $18.95 ea.

Simple Siphon™ 3-Pack

  • No Hoses
  • Attach to any 1/2" hose or tube

The Simple Siphon™

  • Self Priming Pump siphons most all liquids,Including water, fuel solvents,chemicals etc.
  • Just shake it to start flow - 3 1/2 gal. a minute
  • Starts instantly, fast, safe (No Sucking)
  • The pump is attached to a 6' gas resistant hose

Hose Connector

  • Attaches the Simple Siphon™ hose to a regular garden hose for added length


The simple siphon super combo kit

** NEW! **

4 simple siphon products in one kit!


1/2 inch Simple Siphon with 6 ft. hose.

1/4 inch Simple Siphon with 6 ft. hose.

Simple Siphon combo 3-pack of siphon pumps - 2 1/2 inch copper siphon pumps and 1  1/4 inch siphon pump.

1/2 inch garden hose connector.

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